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We have selected five moving companies in Irvine that you should consider to assist you in your search. The first one, NorthStar Moving Company is a well-known moving company with a range of services for local and long-distance moves. movingThe second Irvine moving company is Orange Coast Movers and offers residential and commercial moving services in the Irvine area. The third company listed, Mission Movers provides moving and storage services for both residential and commercial clients. The fourth selected company is You Move Me Orange County and specializes in local moves and offers packing and unpacking services. The last company of our list is All Star Moving Company which offers moving services for homes and businesses in Irvine and surrounding areas. Here are the Top 5 reasons people recommend these moving companies, based on specific customer experiences, shared in reviews posted online.

NorthStar Moving Company

Efficient and Fast. Several customers praised NorthStar for their efficiency and speed during the moving process. They completed moves quickly, saving valuable time and minimizing disruption.
Careful and Professional. Many reviewers mentioned that the NorthStar movers handled their belongings with care and professionalism. They took extra measures to protect furniture and ensured items arrived at the destination in good condition.
Excellent Customer Service. Positive reviews consistently highlighted the exceptional customer service provided by NorthStar. Wendy, in particular, was commended for going above and beyond to address scheduling issues and solve problems.
Fixed Pricing. Customers appreciated the transparent and fixed pricing offered by NorthStar. They found the pricing to be fair, with no surprises or additional fees.
Reliable and Trustworthy. Several reviewers mentioned that they would recommend NorthStar to others based on their reliable and trustworthy service. Customers felt confident in the company’s ability to handle their moves professionally and responsibly.

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Orange Coast Movers

Excellent Communication and Customer Service. The company received praise for its great communication from the start, providing detailed quotes and timely scheduling. Customers appreciated the upfront and transparent pricing, with no hidden fees.
Efficient and Helpful Movers. Reviewers highlighted the efficiency and helpfulness of the movers, especially in handling large moves with multiple items. The crew was quick, careful, and polite throughout the process.
Exceptional Care for Belongings. The positive reviews mentioned that the movers took great care of their belongings, ensuring safe handling and protecting furniture and fragile items with blankets and shrink wrap. Some reviewers mentioned successful moves involving delicate or valuable items, such as nail salon supplies and expensive furniture, without any damage.
Hardworking and Professional Crew. Customers were impressed with the hardworking, professional, and personable crew members who displayed a positive attitude even during challenging moves.
Fast and Thorough Service. Orange Coast Movers received praise for their quick and thorough service. The movers worked efficiently and effectively to complete moves within a reasonable timeframe.

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Mission Movers

Exceeded Expectations. Mission Movers was praised for exceeding customers’ expectations in every aspect of their service, including clear communication, fair pricing, and responsive customer support. The moving company received appreciation for its excellent customer service, addressing customer needs promptly and providing solutions to any concerns.
Careful and Professional Handling. Reviewers highlighted the professional and careful handling of their belongings, ensuring that everything was packed, wrapped, and moved with great care to avoid any damage.
Efficient and Experienced Crew. Customers were impressed with the efficiency and experience of the moving crews. The movers were organized, quick, and knew how to handle challenging situations like narrow doorways and staircases.
Friendly and Polite Staff. The reviews mentioned the polite and friendly demeanor of the movers, creating a positive and stress-free moving experience for the customers.
Trustworthy and Reliable. Mission Movers earned praise for being trustworthy and reliable. Customers felt confident in the team’s abilities and professionalism.

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You Move Me Orange County

Exceptional Care and Service. Customers praised the movers for their great care in handling furniture and belongings, including using bubble wrap and being attentive to fragile items. They appreciated the professionalism and efficiency of the crew.
Honest and Reasonable Pricing. Reviewers mentioned that the company provided honest and reasonable pricing, saving them money compared to other moving companies they had used before.
Easy and Unstressed Move. Customers mentioned that the moving experience was easy and stress-free, with the crew going above and beyond to meet their needs and ensuring a smooth process. The moving crew was described as trustworthy and reliable, making customers feel comfortable leaving them alone to handle the move.
Positive Customer Experience. The reviews highlighted the positive and enjoyable experience with the movers, who were friendly, funny, and polite while staying focused on the task at hand.
Satisfied Repeat Customers. Some reviewers were repeat customers who had used the company for multiple moves, expressing their satisfaction and intent to use You Move Me for future relocations.

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All Star Moving Company

Reasonable Pricing. Customers found the pricing to be competitive and reasonable compared to other moving companies.
Careful and Professional Movers. The movers were described as careful, friendly, and professional in handling belongings and ensuring their safety during the move.
Flexibility and Accommodating. All Star Moving Company was commended for its flexibility and willingness to accommodate additional items and last-minute changes to the moving plan. The company was also praised for its responsiveness to inquiries and efficient handling of the moving process.
Great Customer Service. Reviewers appreciated the good cheer, value, and efficiency of the company’s services, making the moving process less stressful and nerve-wracking.
Swift and Hassle-Free Move. Customers were satisfied with the swift and hassle-free moving experience, with everything wrapped, protected, and transported with great efficiency.

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It’s important to note that these reasons are based on specific customer experiences, and individual results may vary. When considering a moving company, it’s essential to research thoroughly, read more reviews, and request quotes to make an informed decision based on your unique moving needs and preferences.


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