Which Of The Following Can Increase Your Credit Card’s APR?

5 Situations That Could Increase Your APR On Credit Cards

Missing two consecutive monthly payments: when you’ve become more than 60 days past due on your credit card payment, the credit card issuer can charge you more by applying a penalty rate on that card.
A rise in the underlying index rate: expect your variable credit card rate to increase when the prime rate or LIBOR, which are used to determine the rate, are rising.
At the expiration of a 6 month period during which a promotional rate was set up for you. You will then most likely be charged with the normal rate. When you sign up for a credit card with a teaser rate, maximize your spending (no need to max out the card, though!) in order to reduce the monthly interest.
Defaulting on an existing arrangement with the credit card company.
At the end of a debt management plan or hardship arrangement: once completed, the rate could rise.

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